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Working from home has certain perks that many of us enjoy (bye bye commute!), but for many this shift comes with its own challenges. Feeling overwhelmed, facing a lack of motivation or experiencing anxiety and uncertainty is completely normal. In addition, many of us are worried about future job prospects or the best way to juggle work with our personal and family life.

These simple tips can help you feel more productive and motivated, while aiding in maintaining  your mental health while working from home.


Establish a Routine

Just as schools and workplaces function on regular schedules, you should do your best to emulate this structure. Wake up every day at the same time, plan out consistent meal breaks (even if you are dining alone), and change into “work” clothes, even if video calls aren’t required. Coordinate your screen time for when you have to be available online to colleagues but leave yourself time to take breaks for the sake of your eyes and  mental health.

Maintain Social Connections

If your employer provides opportunities to connect through a workflow platform, utilize it to maintain a level of communication that helps prevent isolation. If your workplace isn’t virtually social or you have a job that doesn’t require interaction, be sure to connect after hours with friends and family or join an online group to maintain a standard of socialization.

Go Outside

When the sun is shining, take a walk during your lunch hour or move your laptop to an outdoor space to work. A good dose of nature and sunshine can recharge your inner batteries, prevent depression and clear your mind.

Exercise and Eat Right

It’s no secret that the better we feel physically, the easier it is to manage our mental health. Preparing nutritious meals and getting regular exercise is especially important in these times, as well as providing a substantial boost to your immune system.

Meditate and/or Practice Mindfulness

Spiritual mindfulness is an essential part of maintaining mental and physical wellbeing. Finding an activity that reminds us of the essential tenets of breath and presentness can relax us, as well as being a great way to mitigate the stressors of working from home.