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Success can be defined as the convergence between long-term planning and daily action. Good organization helps you optimize your time management so you can plan and complete the tasks needed to achieve your goals.

Here are eight organizational tips that will help you reach your long-term goals at work!

1. Focus on What’s Important

Track your long-term goals and set a recurring schedule to assess and revise them. These assessments will help you set the daily priorities that enable you to meet your loftier goals.

2. Make Lists

Make daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists of important tasks. Review your daily priorities at the beginning of each day and move uncompleted tasks to a later date.

3. Manage Your Time Well

Check your work calendar daily to review your activities and avoid conflicts. Commitments should be written down rather than trusting your memory. Use planning and scheduling forms and organizational software to help you map out long-term projects.

5. Delegate Tasks

Assign tasks to others where possible, especially if the task is below your level of expertise. If you provide adequate training and feedback on assigned projects, it’ll lessen your workload in the future.

6. Manage Your Email

Sort incoming emails into categories by priority or action. An organized email clarifies your daily itinerary and can reduce stress levels. 

7. Reduce Clutter

Clear your workspace. Keep only the most essential items and information you need for the day’s work on top of your desk. Archive resource materials you rarely use and toss out duplicate information or outdated materials. Leave some empty space on bookshelves for the essential materials of the future.

8. Stay Organized

Organize files by priority and keep the most important ones within arm’s reach. Spend 15 minutes at the end of each day clearing your desk and 15 minutes the next morning planning and organizing for your day’s activities. Review items one through seven on this list.