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Winter Favorites To Explore



If you’ve ever found yourself distracted on a beautiful summer day, there’s a good reason. That sunshine streaming through your window is more potent than you realize! Instead of fighting it, embrace it, as engaging with all things outdoors can contribute massively to how happily—and productively—you work!

Working Outside Boosts Your Energy

Craving another cup of coffee? Maybe you should skip the caffeine and sit outside instead. One study suggests that spending 20 minutes in the open air gives your brain an energy boost comparable to one cup of joe.

Working Outside Can Make You Feel Calmer

There’ve been multiple studies which concluded that you really should stop and smell the flowers. Research shows that natural scents like roses, freshly cut grass, and pine make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Working Outdoors Increases Creativity

So many things can stimulate creativity, but few do so as emphatically as nature. Spending time in nature can boost creative problem-solving skills by a jaw-dropping 60%. Far from a distraction, scheduling time outside can bolster overall productivity.

Spending Time Outdoors Gives Your Immune System A Boost

Did you know that spending three days breathing fresh outdoor air can increase your white blood cell count for over a month? This means your immune system will be given a huge boost! A better immune system means less time spent sick every year and that time can really accumulate.

Spending Time Outdoors Helps with Sleep

Many people struggle with their sleep patterns, but exposure to natural light and outdoor air can help you fall asleep more easily. According to studies, exposure to nature provides us with 46 more minutes on average. That well-rested feeling will leave you better prepared to tackle the challenges of your day.

Fresh Air Improves Concentration Levels

When you breathe in fresh air it improves the oxygenation of your blood as your lungs pump energy throughout your body. This results in an increase in oxygen in the brain which can improve concentration levels. Before taking on a significant or difficult task, getting some fresh air can make a huge difference!

Taking all these benefits into consideration, it is easy to see how getting out of the house or office and into nature can benefit both your health and productivity. Our bodies are meant to be exposed to nature and the benefits are both obvious and therapeutic.