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The Greenhouse Candle

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Welcome to 'The Greenhouse Candle,' where the enchanting world of botanical wonders unfolds in your living space. This handcrafted soy wax candle invites you to experience the lush oasis of a greenhouse, with an aromatic blend of fresh, dew-kissed leaves, blooming florals, and hints of warm sunlight. Light 'The Greenhouse Candle' and be transported to a place where serenity and nature harmoniously coexist. The captivating fragrance and gentle glow create the perfect backdrop for your moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Housed in a stylish and reusable glass container, this candle not only elevates your ambiance but also adds a touch of botanical elegance to your decor. Discover the serenity of 'The Greenhouse Candle' and let the lush beauty of nature flourish in your home.

Top notes - tomato leaf + coriander
Mid notes - galbanum + jasmine
Base notes - earth

100% soy wax
Clean burning cotton wick
Fine fragrance oils
Reusable glass jar

8oz | 227g
50+ hour burn time